Who We Are
inspictures.com LLC. is a free-lance photography company that provides verification photos of residential and commercial properties for insurance agents. We have been contracted by insurance agencies since March of 2004. We have provided top quality work for a reasonable & competitive price. Our skill and integrity has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable insurance verification companies in the state of Michigan.
What We Do
We provide insurance agents with an up close view on the condition of the residential/commercial property that they have an interest in. In addition to providing quality digital photos, we guarantee that they are delivered within 7 calendar days from the request or they are free. Our turnover average for 2010 was 3.19 days. No other company in the area can offer this kind of guarantee.
How We Do It
When you request photos of an address, we send one of our experienced & well trained free-lance photographers out to get you quality photographs in a timely manner. The reason we can offer competitive rates in a time where gas is on the rise, is because we are able to route out the addresses with the extreme volume of addresses that we get on a weekly basis. The more addresses we do, the better price we can offer to our customers. We can only continue to offer reasonable & competitive rates if we continue to grow and service more agencies. Please pass the word to fellow agents regarding the service we offer and help us keep the rates down.
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